The Story Behind the Name

Everyone asks how I came up with the name Emerald Events. Well like anything else there is a story behind the name.

My birthday is May 7th. Shout out to all the May babies! Β Being a May baby my birthstone is Emerald.

I remember being about 7 years old and my grandmother buying me jewelry for my birthday. The jewelry was gold with green gems. I had no idea at the time why she picked green but she tried to explain why it was so special. She told me that my birthstone was Emerald and that I should keep the jewelry forever because it was a symbol of my birth and that I should be proud of it.

I also remember my mother telling me that it was important that I only wore the jewelry on special occasions. Unfortunately I never got the chance to. Our apartment was broken in to and the jewelry was stolen.

Although I never got a chance to wear the jewelry the meaning behind my birthstone and how special it made me feel stayed with me forever.

So that’s where the love of Emerald comes from!

Now on to the love of pink. It’s simple, I’m a girl I love pink..hahaha. Always have and always will. A bonus is my best friend of 17 years…guess what? Her birthstone is Pink Tourmaline!

And so was born the name of Emerald Events and the colors of our lovely company….. Pink and Green!


Until next time loves………….

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